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8:49 currently me
Комментарий от : eva_kardys

Vincent V
God dammit algorithm...
Комментарий от : Vincent V

Beruto ~ Pranks/VLOGs
Credits for cameraman for filming it with one hand
Комментарий от : Beruto ~ Pranks/VLOGs

Fabricio Hernández
Resumen del video:

Комментарий от : Fabricio Hernández

Rlilly Sookwah
I am now learning to twerk dont know to dance period. but this video is really helping me out.
Комментарий от : Rlilly Sookwah

Ellie Grace
What's that song at the end???
Комментарий от : Ellie Grace

Ihssan Narjess
Please name of music 54:48
Комментарий от : Ihssan Narjess

Florencio Iman
Pobre el pata que graba se vino
Комментарий от : Florencio Iman

lee lunk
And they are both carpet munchers so i have no chance anyway
Комментарий от : lee lunk

I could watch this all day.
Комментарий от : VGofRI

Seela Betty
Callers spare mi i have alot to do in this time of lockdown am here twerking my bones
Комментарий от : Seela Betty

sweetchaos Fox
im so happy i can watch this with one hand on my phone 25:57
Комментарий от : sweetchaos Fox

alex b
Now i am convinced that " twerk " has to come from the mind !
Комментарий от : alex b

John Rodriguez
It’s so cringe when girls with no ass try too twerk 🤦🏽‍♂️
Комментарий от : John Rodriguez

Rogel _ 507
Que rico o 🇵🇦🤤
Комментарий от : Rogel _ 507

after watching this .. I've seen waaaaay better...
Комментарий от : vullrath

wtf did I just watch... thanks youtube for this recommendation.. uh yeah...
Комментарий от : vullrath

Amy pratt
Nicole is fricken lucky to have private twerk lessons...i like your teacher..she is breaking down most twerk moves to show us how the technique gets done well.and probly learn faster if i wanted to pay a lot for privates too.i just dont know how to utilise zoom app.on lap person would help so much more.does this teacher have a turturial twerk utube vids?
Комментарий от : Amy pratt

tammy duke
Great video🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💯💯💯
Комментарий от : tammy duke

tammy duke
This instructor is so small and not a bigger ass and she twerks beautifully🙌🏻🙌🏻 and the girl with the red shorts has a ass, keep it up Nicole you will get it soon🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻almost has it but Luke me still to stif. The real key is to be loose. My 14 year old granddaughter can do it and yea her Nana trying and at least I have hope🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😂😅
Комментарий от : tammy duke

bigheartlittlebodyx xxx
Комментарий от : bigheartlittlebodyx xxx

Astrid Vasquez
Cómo se llama la canción???
Комментарий от : Astrid Vasquez

Ann Carino
Name of the song plssss
Комментарий от : Ann Carino

Sahra Kilic
Whats the songs name?
Комментарий от : Sahra Kilic

will to fight
Комментарий от : will to fight

Are more guys or girls watching this? Also, is Drinkwater a real last name or some joke about how thirsty guys are?
Комментарий от : J.Steezy

Wayne Newton
Beautiful 😍 Beautiful 😍 Beautiful 😍 Beautiful 😍 And Nice Very Very Nice please please please 😇🙏 Send More Videos to Email 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏................................
Комментарий от : Wayne Newton

bigheartlittlebodyx xxx
Комментарий от : bigheartlittlebodyx xxx

This is literally the worst cameraman of all time. Dude, grab a tripod, post up behind them, and take a seat for crying out loud.
Комментарий от : Fantasy23Legend

God Bless America!!!
Комментарий от : Fantasy23Legend

smrld mrscl
This video was 50 minutes too long..👎👎
Комментарий от : smrld mrscl

Bombshell _
Wow it really takes a whole hour to teach someone to twerk?
Комментарий от : Bombshell _

Okamadiri Mercy
Me at 2:48am learning how to twerk, my future husband doesn't know what is coming at him😂😂... I actually went out of bed to shake the little booty that i've got😜 That trainer is really good!! Even with the little booty, she's still so flexible ❤❤
Комментарий от : Okamadiri Mercy

0lvia Levy
This is a traditional dance in my country but we don't have to work out first 😂😂 we get to the point
Комментарий от : 0lvia Levy

Chris-Che Botha
Комментарий от : Chris-Che Botha

It's like her head is six feet farther away from the camera than her body.
Комментарий от : Grasslander

Jaime Sanchez
That twerk teacher is to skinny need to eat more. No shape to her now the one with the red short has a hot body.
Комментарий от : Jaime Sanchez

paris grant
You all need to come to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2021 or 2022
Комментарий от : paris grant

Pop Wow
Please can you open YouTube channel I like the way you are teaching
Комментарий от : Pop Wow

Huang Tess
Damn how can she just move her ass without moving the leg
Комментарий от : Huang Tess

chashkalozhka SB
D blonde 1 is so unpleasant
Комментарий от : chashkalozhka SB

OCMountainbiking 949
Crazy how much of a arm pump u can get from this video!
Комментарий от : OCMountainbiking 949

43:18 by far the best part
Комментарий от : BRENT A

Sirian Starrseeed88 Portal
Wow water & hella jelly errwhere nice! proper introduction I'AM #GODxxLION chow.
Комментарий от : Sirian Starrseeed88 Portal

Carter Wilbanks
Yes ma’m
Комментарий от : Carter Wilbanks

Ron Jon
a blond kashdoll
Комментарий от : Ron Jon

Kyrah tf
Um they can't twerk😭💀
Комментарий от : Kyrah tf

Kinyuy Claudette Yiilareng
I would totally love to be behind the camera
Комментарий от : Kinyuy Claudette Yiilareng

Koko Burbach
the problem is how can i wiggle when i dont have something to? like i have skin
Комментарий от : Koko Burbach

Damien Damien
Oh look, a twerking video, haven't seen one of those...just another chick shaking her ass.
Комментарий от : Damien Damien

horrid henry
Who's had a drain off🥵
Комментарий от : horrid henry

Julia Mazurok
thanks, finally i figured it out
Комментарий от : Julia Mazurok

Luz alberto Trujillo
eso meprende
Комментарий от : Luz alberto Trujillo

mila jovovich
wow i really love this video.. now i know how to twerk. thank u love ladies
Комментарий от : mila jovovich

Daniela Prunean
What’s the song please
Комментарий от : Daniela Prunean

Simeng Jiao
What’s the begin bgm name !
Комментарий от : Simeng Jiao

Ashley Chandler
what’s the song at the end called
Комментарий от : Ashley Chandler

21:00 with 0.5 speed.

thank me later :)

Комментарий от : xtcvn

Coco Nut
Trying to learn with a flat ass...🙈
Комментарий от : Coco Nut

A very sofisticated dance...
Комментарий от : Mike

Neal White
Leave it to the AMERICAN GIRLS
Комментарий от : Neal White

Jermaine Kenney
How do you expect guys to act... you all need to stop( women)
Комментарий от : Jermaine Kenney

J Millare
idk why there is a tissue and lotion next to me, but Ohh well let me use it.
Комментарий от : J Millare

wuv pizzalola
Tweck coach has technique but not the physic ! She too lean! Nicoles body is fucking deadly!
Комментарий от : wuv pizzalola

şu evin borcu bittsin artık evde yapcam masaj salomlarına para vermucem rahat rahaat vur vurrr hahahaaaaa KRALZEKO
Комментарий от : Zeki_metin2

Shaun Green
Do you ever feel like breaking wind when you do that ? 😄
Комментарий от : Shaun Green

I like how she so petit her body is so fluent cute
Комментарий от : MrMmorgan30

Bunch of horny girls and guys with hard ones watching this
Комментарий от : MrMmorgan30


Mafunga Rose
You are the best of all
Комментарий от : Mafunga Rose

Charmi Saikia
How do you even twerk when you don't have an ass
Комментарий от : Charmi Saikia

John Smith
I'm here just tryna watch the twerk asses
Комментарий от : John Smith

Frida Lundqvist
It's been so hard for me to find motivation to work out because I have depression, anxiety and panicdisorder, but this was so much fun and a Great workout I can do at home! 💪 I'm gonna keep practicing and learn how to twerk! ☺️👍 It makes me feel more sexy and confident aswell😍👌
Комментарий от : Frida Lundqvist

COD Mobile Reviews
When you don't know how to turn on incognito mode...
Комментарий от : COD Mobile Reviews

Adriana Mechetti
hola soy la Xiomara
Комментарий от : Adriana Mechetti

Marco Laplante
eille.....faut tu aimer ca etre a 4 patte xD
Комментарий от : Marco Laplante

Negar Ghp
Name song?
Комментарий от : Negar Ghp

C Udont
STFUPPPPPP!!! My gawd she did too much damn talking. Next video please...
Комментарий от : C Udont

Sher Kench
I’m doing my 30 day challenge. My Goal is to drop
10 lbs. & master my twerking!
Mind u. . I’ll be eating healthy while following this routine of about 57mins/everyday!
I’ll post daily, to keep tabs of my improvement.
. . . Day 1

Комментарий от : Sher Kench

Armando Vermaak
all the views are for ass(cry laugh emoji)
Комментарий от : Armando Vermaak

chris davis
Moves like a male weightlifter
Комментарий от : chris davis

Maria Rosa
what are you doing girls😔
Комментарий от : Maria Rosa

Alexandra Estudillo
Комментарий от : Alexandra Estudillo

hafsa oubaida
Комментарий от : hafsa oubaida

This isn’t tweaking you can’t learn this from a European LMFAO that’s the problem
Комментарий от : BostonDancehallDancing

Morenita Mia
It's always nice to know how to twerk, you never know when you're going to use it.. lol quarantine lifestyle
Комментарий от : Morenita Mia

Roxanne Smith
Ahw daaaamn I wanna have a bubble butt like that please human tweeeerk it to get fit
Комментарий от : Roxanne Smith

Taonga Matiki
These are really helping😍
Комментарий от : Taonga Matiki

Joanellda an
Thancs so much already subscribed learning thax so much
Комментарий от : Joanellda an

gage tenhave
your hot
Комментарий от : gage tenhave

Akyah lewis
My flat ass tryna twerk at 4:21 am 😂😭
Комментарий от : Akyah lewis

Owunna Onyekachi
Where in Dubai are you
Комментарий от : Owunna Onyekachi

Maya Williams
I have big ass and so hard for me to dance 😂
Комментарий от : Maya Williams

Dolaris Ugochukwu
What's the song tittle please?
Комментарий от : Dolaris Ugochukwu

Vauna _ja
Any Caribbean ppl🇹🇹🇯🇲
Комментарий от : Vauna _ja

Greg S
So women don't want to be objectified and yet spend their time objectifying themselves.
Комментарий от : Greg S

Cindykay Taylor
If you want to learn how to twerk you must come to Jamaica
Комментарий от : Cindykay Taylor

Toni7 Fulmine
Sweaty whiffy butts
Комментарий от : Toni7 Fulmine

colleen barnard
Nicole, you did great I'm trying learn with you guys and not doing half as good as you!!
Комментарий от : colleen barnard

saati seunarine
Yes help.all the wrapped up women be free
Комментарий от : saati seunarine

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