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Rob Roy
Rest of that album is UTTER dross other than the following track.
Bought it on a lads weekend in Leeds years ago to listen to as we got ready to go out to Basics ( quality club, probably shut now like every fucking decent club in the UK )
Think this album was at a place where minimal had crawled up its own arse, tracks that are 5 muns with just a kick drum and eventually a kick drum and high hat fizz every 32 bars. Gone decent again now and before was unreal, sasha ibiza GU, Nick Warren, sander kleinenbergh etc

Комментарий от : Rob Roy

Rob Roy
3.04......that fuckin drop!
Комментарий от : Rob Roy

Mancho Dimitrishvili
Комментарий от : Mancho Dimitrishvili

Rob Roy
That fucking drop!
Комментарий от : Rob Roy

Комментарий от : Unfavourably

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