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pete j
Комментарий от : pete j

Stay Lit
Good hands!!.
Комментарий от : Stay Lit

Lol, most people don't hit back when getting hit that hard and as often. Have a fight then come back and comment.
Комментарий от : ganjaman12123

Not bad mate need to mix more body shots in with the headshots, other than that spot on.
Комментарий от : ganjaman12123

michael burns
Stop hatin on him he's a tough guy
Комментарий от : michael burns

Punch bag dont hit back !!
Комментарий от : temokam

Ben Tyler
He needs to fight primarily bareknuckle-style. It works for Fury.
Комментарий от : Ben Tyler

Dog Faced Gremlin
Awesome. Looking fast, strong and accurate. Keep us updated with more videos of you hitting the bag. I wanna see how big, fast and powerful you can become. Thanks for the motivation!
Комментарий от : Dog Faced Gremlin

Комментарий от : ThePavey1

martintom says hes coming for the joyces haha hes too scared to fight them he fucked off to wales and said hes RAN the joyces out of manc. i think someone shud teach thw doherty coward a lesson

yea there is a lot of bullshit out there to make the Joyce family look like the bad people. But they are NOT, They are kind down to earth people who are very misunderstood by the stupid news media!
Комментарий от : ItsEViLDeD

very amazing speed and combos! Impressive boxing skills brother!! Im a fan from the Usa, much love and respect to the entire Joyce family!
Комментарий от : ItsEViLDeD

herd alot of badmouth about these joyces and this dougie looks like he knows how to use his hands...
Комментарий от : shaunspiers1

there is one good saying/its the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight.but at the end of the day life's to short for fighting,be bigger/braver/ and stronger by trying to live with one another,or would that be to hard.and belittling.
Комментарий от : sitheygyp

Fiona Stewart
he has the beatings of simey doherty no bother
Комментарий от : Fiona Stewart

@icfjohn see for yourself wanker
Комментарий от : johnnyjo12

@whatsdcrack yea if they come out... all 4 of them together there useless you included
Комментарий от : johnnyjo12

@LooneyToonPete NOOOOOOO
Комментарий от : johnnyjo12

@Makie1977 no he's NOT far from it
Комментарий от : johnnyjo12

looneytoon pete
Hey is Hughie Doherty related to Paddy
Комментарий от : looneytoon pete

Johnny pc world fight please
Комментарий от : rexylad1

How did they get on in court on Friday .is it time to see what happened at pc world?
Комментарий от : rexylad1

BoCzterR Dupa
whats the point in all off that !!
Комментарий от : BoCzterR Dupa

When we gonna see you train
Комментарий от : rexylad1

jon travolta
good speed that mate
Комментарий от : jon travolta

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