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donna alzmann
How AMAZING! I could do without the narrative.
Комментарий от : donna alzmann

Kenny Dyas
The lady has a great pair of legs
Комментарий от : Kenny Dyas

Laura Forconi
LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Комментарий от : Laura Forconi

Ben G
That follower is so needy. Lol
Комментарий от : Ben G

Bob Young
The woman seems lost
Комментарий от : Bob Young

Charlie Bruno
This was at the ASCD in 1996. I was there sitting on the side on the right. I believe Festa and Ramiro danced in the Caberet division.
Комментарий от : Charlie Bruno

Claudo Rolaz
GENIAL bravo Messieurs pardon et Madame salutations depuis la suisse
Комментарий от : Claudo Rolaz

Douglas Worley
I cut my teeth watching the best hustle dancers in NY, at the Paradise Garage, under the musical direction of the late great Larry Levan!
Комментарий от : Douglas Worley

Douglas Worley
I don,t if it,s a fuckin alligator an a chicken, as long as they keep time to the music an have fun, fuck the haters!!!!!!
Комментарий от : Douglas Worley

Hi There
Two guys dancing together is just wrong.
Комментарий от : Hi There

That takes talent and timing. Amazing!
Комментарий от : zephiey

Armando Piña
love watching this video. What is the name of that song. pretty cool.
Комментарий от : Armando Piña

finally some people who understand what the meaning of hustl is
Комментарий от : tyeweed420

I think the music is from Music Caliente. Not sure which volume.
Комментарий от : jlaroch

Matt D'Rat
Please, can someone tell me the name of the music? Fantastic dancing, full marks to all! matthew
Комментарий от : Matt D'Rat

Haha, very entertaining.
Комментарий от : PChanmisao

What an awesome song... would love to know the name of it??? Of course, I love watching Romaro dance... could do it alll day
Комментарий от : Weebonilass

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