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Juanita Wright
Ain't she from the Group Climax?
Комментарий от : Juanita Wright

All Things Mimi
My sister loved this song. R.I.P. sis.
Комментарий от : All Things Mimi

DJ Rubato
Комментарий от : DJ Rubato

Markel Rankins
I still slap this. Still be hitting that dance at the end. Classic Memories
Комментарий от : Markel Rankins

Classic jam yes sir
Комментарий от : ABIYMELEK YAHUDAH

Tye Hodge
Joyce was killing it dancing
Комментарий от : Tye Hodge

Markell Samuels
Nice album, i love Go Go Girl, still play it hard in my ride to this day.
Комментарий от : Markell Samuels

Tsedek Ogun
Vlad interview brought me here.
Комментарий от : Tsedek Ogun

Rome Bailey
Wow I stole this cassette single out of the mall as a shorty
Комментарий от : Rome Bailey

Lisa H
who else came here after the Dallas Austin Vladtv interview? lol
Комментарий от : Lisa H

Oh yeah now I remember this joint. DJ Vlad's interview with Dallas Austin brought me here.
Комментарий от : blachubear

Awwwww Rosie Perez 💕💕
Комментарий от : Betsy

Vlad Tv 📺 bought me here
Комментарий от : DJ KOOLROD

DJ Vlad's interview with Dallas Austin bought me here
Комментарий от : PharaohLawLess1

NBA Chev
I remember this video, didn't know it was a hit.
Комментарий от : NBA Chev

A good example of early fusion of Rap and R&B
Комментарий от : MYT MIC

James S
DJ Vlad..blah, blah, blah. Dallas was clearly getting his "New Jack Swing" on with this song.

"Yo Dallas!"

Комментарий от : James S

caramel king200000
Here From Dallas Austin's Djvlad Interview !!
Комментарий от : caramel king200000

Prince Ali
Agent Vladimir brought me here
Комментарий от : Prince Ali

Gerrine Hill
Vlads interview with Dallas Austin brought me here...
Комментарий от : Gerrine Hill

Ralph Richards
Pump It Up! 🏃🏻‍♂️
Комментарий от : Ralph Richards

M. H.
Oh my goodness, this fills my heart with Joy! I never knew you did them vocals because i was young. God Bless you both, such a great track ayeah! ❤️🎉🙏
Комментарий от : M. H.

Still one of the hottest rap/r&b combos ever!
Комментарий от : Nawlinsfanforlife

Reverdy Ransom
When Motown went New Jack Swing!.
Комментарий от : Reverdy Ransom

Jessica Cannon
Also loved her in Klymaxx!
Комментарий от : Jessica Cannon

Jessica Cannon
Oh the memories of my 7 year old self trying to dance and sing along to this on BET back then.
Комментарий от : Jessica Cannon

Lance Reynolds
Damn back when we used record BET all day on 8 hr tapes 😂 summer 89
Комментарий от : Lance Reynolds

Carey Gordon
This was my Video Music Box Hit..
Комментарий от : Carey Gordon

Waylynn P
Wow my boys Willie Watkins... Bobby Brown dancer and Bruce both from the group Heart & Soul aka Nutty Boys in High School... lol Locke Saints for life! #southcentral
Комментарий от : Waylynn P

Morrisman Smith
The good ole days
Комментарий от : Morrisman Smith

Wicked Ebony
I remember jammin' to this on Video Music Box! Loved this song..
Комментарий от : Wicked Ebony

Willie M. Smith,II
Nobody could touch Dougie on this joint...... true classic HIP-HOP😁‼️
Комментарий от : Willie M. Smith,II

Ernest Harlen
Joyce irby,classic
Комментарий от : Ernest Harlen

Fernando Howard
Комментарий от : Fernando Howard

Fernando Howard
Gotta Love it 80s Hip Hop
Комментарий от : Fernando Howard

Who did the runnin man to this ?
Комментарий от : pattifanalwayz

Tee 757
Memories of middle school talent shows back in the day 😁
Комментарий от : Tee 757

Stuck In The 90s
Haven't heard this since junior secondary school.
Комментарий от : Stuck In The 90s

This was the jam.
Комментарий от : Pudding

victoria lyles
This takes me backto my middle school days. Not only that I remember recording this off the radio 😁 📻 📼
Комментарий от : victoria lyles

Dam I️ used to love this joint
Комментарий от : kushbandit8701

Комментарий от : ACE ZANDERS

The Golden Child TV
Brings back memories of good times back when BET and MTV actually played videos
Комментарий от : The Golden Child TV

leyah Green
I like that song
Комментарий от : leyah Green

YAAAAASSSSS!!! THIS WAS MY SHIZNIT IN MIDDLE SCHOOL! I've been looking for this song.
Комментарий от : TheMrsndozier

rodney hargrove the sanitized barber
never New their was a video
Комментарий от : rodney hargrove the sanitized barber

Damn Joyce can groove! i miss the 80's.
Комментарий от : 21931788

J-Man Stryker
clap to this
Комментарий от : J-Man Stryker

Sarah Simpkins
video souls days 1989 was in the 4th grade back in the days
Комментарий от : Sarah Simpkins

chefboyrashid jackson
yeah this guy is the greatest entertainer and never got all his props for his music hell i beatbox too probably as long as him and i still say hes fuckin incredable
Комментарий от : chefboyrashid jackson

When New Jack Swing was king.
Комментарий от : sonikku956

Kenneth Lamb
What city is she from?
Комментарий от : Kenneth Lamb

LMAO... Lemme find out, mofos are doing the Running Man, while listening to this ole skool jam. Love it. :)
Комментарий от : boofdfast

Chezzarae Blunt
Throw this on at a party its a wrap!
Комментарий от : Chezzarae Blunt

Leticia Johnson
Her Jeans Are EVERYTHING!!!!
Комментарий от : Leticia Johnson

Elizabeth Goodwin
I want those ripped jeans! :)
Комментарий от : Elizabeth Goodwin

kurn lemaitre
this is a big tune!!
Комментарий от : kurn lemaitre

Stev Aura
one of the best tracks ever .....real old school beats
Комментарий от : Stev Aura

rudy garcia
HEY everybody, do the Wop,the Uprock ,the Reebock,the Roger Rabbit and the Running man and you will be gettin' it in. Fresh and Irby set it off right here!
Комментарий от : rudy garcia

I used to love this freakin song! My High School Band, McDonogh#35 in New Orleans used to rock this song the year before I started going there (89-90)!!!!! It always takes me months to remember who sings this crap. Now I REALLY know! lol
Комментарий от : QueShocker

Jeff Jones
takes me back to my childhood.
Комментарий от : Jeff Jones

"Clap to This"
Комментарий от : TriL TV

Blue Lynn
Thats My Boyfriend In That Video Kirk Wan Were Back At It After That Long Its WanNation Inc. Fb Check Us Out

FB-WanNation Inc. 

Комментарий от : Blue Lynn

A.M. White
Man, Video Soul on a Saturday afternoon! Great time!
Комментарий от : A.M. White

Very Good.  XD
Комментарий от : taketoify

Magnum LA Will
Whatever happened to Joyce Fenderella Irby?  Did she have any other songs?
Комментарий от : Magnum LA Will

Alicia Hargrove
That used to be the song back in the day and the hottest moves the good old days.

Комментарий от : Alicia Hargrove

First Dallas Austin's production
Комментарий от : nabilster

Комментарий от : 2Faded247

I used to go to the local record store looking for this tape single and it was always sold out or they didnt order enough! Thanks for posting
Комментарий от : mkinn1

jon iadisernia
shes from klymaxx
Комментарий от : jon iadisernia

Sarah Simpkins
I haven't seen this video since 89
Комментарий от : Sarah Simpkins

THANK YOU! I never saw this viddie-yo back in the day. Always a favorite.
Комментарий от : blocSonic

Bosstown B
Yeah this stong still sucks and I'm an old school fan. Not a fan of new jack swing hh. This phase set real hip hop back similar to todays garbage.
Комментарий от : Bosstown B

Greg Swars
The 80's were a great time for music......the garbage they have now.......don't see good music like this anymore.
Комментарий от : Greg Swars

Joyce Irby
Hey , thanks for posting this....I haven't been able to find my copy the last couple of years...I am gonna keep looking though :)
Комментарий от : Joyce Irby

so still loving this song ..i was abot 12 when i came out and have been a fan of Klymaxx and especially Joyce Irby time seeing the video in 2013
Комментарий от : Mosfun1for1

Meredith Epps
So did I . . . LOL . . . Too funny
Комментарий от : Meredith Epps

Couldn't help it. got my old ass up and did the running man.
Комментарий от : bighchris49

Комментарий от : mrpooh623

Rosie Perez, 90's dance queen:)
Комментарий от : eracism09

NICE!! Finally a great quality video of this song. I noticed someone asked for at 12" single. I can post if it hasn't been done yet. Holla!!
Комментарий от : djkrushinphx

Can someone plz post the remix from his 12 LP ? its way better
Комментарий от : amck72

Ah yeah,i know that old song too! Old times,best times!
Комментарий от : FeCr3

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