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Daniel garcia urrutia
We need al the remixes on Spotify !!!!
Комментарий от : Daniel garcia urrutia

Комментарий от : G -BABY CoSMETICS

Nosihle Gwala
Brat had all the swag 😭😭
Комментарий от : Nosihle Gwala

Комментарий от : G -BABY CoSMETICS

MzTee Lady
Dam Lil Kim was so fucking stunning beautiful in the video 😳
Комментарий от : MzTee Lady

MzTee Lady
Комментарий от : MzTee Lady

Terell Nelson
This song use to bump
Комментарий от : Terell Nelson

tayluc 777
Kim was gorgeous. Pac and Big destroyed her self esteem.
Комментарий от : tayluc 777

The Man
Say what y’all want but Da Brat’s mic skills are untouched by any other female. Nikki Minaj can’t even come close.
Комментарий от : The Man

For me FoXY is the hootest black rap womem of all time.
Комментарий от : goalboy19

Natasha Crook
Комментарий от : Natasha Crook

Appetite 4 Chic
Foxy’s cadence and flow was in another caliber🔥💯

Damn that Thelma and Louis album would have been out of this world, but a girl can dream 😩

Комментарий от : Appetite 4 Chic

Cherease Johnson
Комментарий от : Cherease Johnson

Jay R
I guess motorsport is the modern version of this with cardi and nikki on the same track the same way foxy and lil kim on this track
Комментарий от : Jay R

Cynthia Lawrence
Y’all keep saying lil Kim but da brat murder this !!
Комментарий от : Cynthia Lawrence

The best version of this song
Комментарий от : bchristian85

Elle Bee
So they really made Kim go after Foxy?! Kim was so written and rehearsed, Foxy said what she said! Too bad Brat probably wrote all her shit but no one here for it bc she a butch.
Комментарий от : Elle Bee

2020 and always
Комментарий от : queenace

E Money
I think its more like foxy sounded like Jay-Z jay wrote most if not All of her first album read the credits jay wrote take u home for fox and ill be which he’s featured on i believe nas and az wrote for foxy too but this is jay all the way jay word play around reasonable doubt was crazy allah 22’s twos
Комментарий от : E Money

Brennen Alexander
Cuz I’m focused, I rock Versace lamps and sofas.
Комментарий от : Brennen Alexander

Chris Big wrote her flow
Комментарий от : mugglepuzzle

Foxy is the owner of this song and the best female lil Kim couldn't touch fox
Комментарий от : mugglepuzzle

Eugene Murphy
The slay of it all is SPIRITUAL!!!!
Комментарий от : Eugene Murphy

I’m a bad girl...high pitch QUEEN BITCH!
Комментарий от : chocmilk10

shunda smith
Комментарий от : shunda smith

Toy Rich
Fox Boogie 🔥🔥🔥
Комментарий от : Toy Rich

Cherri Novel
Go kim❤... She was so sweet to me when i hosted floyed mayweather party💋
Комментарий от : Cherri Novel

Racquel Whitous
Комментарий от : Racquel Whitous

Solomon Northup
Historic collaboration BUT.........
IF Lauryn Hill was on this?.......i"'ll let u finish the thought.

Комментарий от : Solomon Northup

Chakraphat Sakoonchai
they all ate!!!
Комментарий от : Chakraphat Sakoonchai

Mica Oya
Комментарий от : Mica Oya

Biggie writing all of their rhymes not planning the heist lol
Комментарий от : T SAVAGE

Sycamore CEO
WTF 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Комментарий от : Sycamore CEO

Young crib don Young crib don
Foxy brown & crib the god
Комментарий от : Young crib don Young crib don

Kim 🔥🔥
Комментарий от : GuerreroAztecMedia

Shenyae T
Foxy had the best verse. That flow can’t be fucked with 💯
Комментарий от : Shenyae T

dew law
Kim and Fox was the gas...Brat was the lighter. She was so underated and til this day still is. But she still the hottest female MC in the game
Комментарий от : dew law

Da bart got the best verse
Комментарий от : SmooveOvaEast

Da brat was murdering shit from 94-98 she was so nice people didn't even put her in the category as just a female rapper
Комментарий от : lleryt28years

Abdul Aden
So who’s Nicky and Cardi.B again 😂
Комментарий от : Abdul Aden

Precious Enyah Betterunited Yisreal
Da brat murked
Комментарий от : Precious Enyah Betterunited Yisreal

Chris G
Didn't know Foxy was on this 😮😮
Комментарий от : Chris G

Drew Love
Комментарий от : Drew Love

They all killed it
Комментарий от : yes.mam

Tiger ahmed Beast from the East
Комментарий от : Tiger ahmed Beast from the East

C Dub
Love/Hate'm But Gotta Respect'm Nothing Like 90's Music.👍😊
Комментарий от : C Dub

Love all three women in this but Da Brat is on a whole new level
Комментарий от : MOLE

Tiger ahmed Beast from the East
Комментарий от : Tiger ahmed Beast from the East

Its 2019 and I still love this remix. Nubian Queens👑
Комментарий от : Mr.

If only y'all gave Foxy the praise y'all giving her in these comments then she might've actually made it out of the 90s successfully. Sorry, You can't falsify a legacy with fake love.
Комментарий от : Winette86

Ugh this is why I fell in love with Queen Bee 🐝 aka Black Barbie aka Ms White aka Lil Kim
Комментарий от : B L

Danny Villasana
Foxy and lil kim hot shit go AHEAD foxy
Комментарий от : Danny Villasana

Javona Maxwell
Da Brat is the only female rapper to be on a track with 2 dope queens. Where they do that at now????
Комментарий от : Javona Maxwell

Sandra Ruiz
Foxy's style and delivery is crazy!!! She's in her own lane!
Комментарий от : Sandra Ruiz

Damn Kim was so pretty back then. Self hate is rampant among our people. Damn
Комментарий от : OBADIAH 1:18

Natalie Barnes
All them go hard on this track
Комментарий от : Natalie Barnes

Wyane Hundredths
Nas and Big snapped in the remix.
Комментарий от : Wyane Hundredths

Tanisha Smith
Foxy an Kim need to come back as one no more beef.
Комментарий от : Tanisha Smith

Sonja Coleman
Infinity 2084 stain emm
Комментарий от : Sonja Coleman

Foxy Brown, Lil Kim & the Da Brat...Haven't seen no shit like this n along time...Ft on a all girls group"Total"...
Комментарий от : Msjawanda

Brandon Payne
Hold up, the Da Brat was bumping on this. These 3 ladies should have done an album together
Комментарий от : Brandon Payne

Cronyn Wright
Fox Had The Most Lyrical Verse & Flow, Kim Had The Best Delivery & Rode Tf Outta Beat, & Da Brat Had The Most Attitude & Charisma.. Each Lady Equaled The Song Out Perfectly
Комментарий от : Cronyn Wright

Lobo Namacuix
Cardi and Nicki Killed this!!!... oh wait.. it has nothing to do with them.. damn never mind my bad y’all😂
Комментарий от : Lobo Namacuix

Joe Black
I'm sorry, don't get me wrong - Kim & Brat kill it but on a technical level they don't come close to Fox. Only other rapper I've heard with such a relaxed, effortless flow is BIG. Natural ability. Foxy is IN the beat.
Комментарий от : Joe Black

Fox sounded like female Jay Z
Living Legend 😍

Комментарий от : TOPPY BOSS VEVO

zidane williams
Foxy verse was better than Kim’s but the Da Brat had the best verse they all bodied tho
Комментарий от : zidane williams

Jovan Parker
dey shoulda put dis shit on Set it Off
Комментарий от : Jovan Parker

Shay Shebad
The 90s ..the best era.
Комментарий от : Shay Shebad

Joy A
I love the way Biggie looks at her. He just sways in the back as she spits fire
Комментарий от : Joy A

Detention Entertainment Films
Brat sent me here from Instagram!
Комментарий от : Detention Entertainment Films

Kim and Foxy ate this up 🔥 Wish they could’ve made more music together 😢
Комментарий от : HipHopHead

Victor Figuereo
Happy black history month this video is black history 💕
Комментарий от : Victor Figuereo

not that serious
Now this is real rap not that Cardi B girl...
Комментарий от : not that serious

Lil Kim is the Queen. Foxy is definitely a legend. But honestly, Da Brat murdered this 🔥
Комментарий от : J D

N.T. B
Foxys voice 🔥🔥🔥💯
Комментарий от : N.T. B

Комментарий от : DiamondRubyJewel

Philip Cruz
Brats mad clean!🔥
Комментарий от : Philip Cruz

Lindsey boogie
Kim is hard as hell !!! The best
Комментарий от : Lindsey boogie

Lindsey boogie
Lil Kim is so pretty
Комментарий от : Lindsey boogie

Lindsey boogie
I love Foxy she has lyrics
Комментарий от : Lindsey boogie

C.O.R.E Nyc
My Jr high years
Комментарий от : C.O.R.E Nyc

Kay Klash
And who's STILL WINNING? NICKI MINAJ BITCH! 😂 KIM JUST FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY 💅💅💃Since y'all JUST had to keep her name in this!
Комментарий от : Kay Klash

London Mccray
Комментарий от : London Mccray

London Mccray
Комментарий от : London Mccray

Foxy was always way better than Kim
She was real where as Kim was trained foxy was natural

Комментарий от : MOLE

The Lil' Kim vs Foxy Brown discussion is annoying. Always bringing one down to uplift the other....never talking about how well they complemented each other.
Комментарий от : kayteeelle

Baby S.
Комментарий от : Baby S.

say what y'all want but brat was the only one who actually wrote her own verse so foxy and Kim's verses were hot but aint no ink they pen so.....
Комментарий от : chyna116

roonie jones
All three female rappers; Dabrat, LIl Kim and Foxy Brown all was inspired by a male rapper-Dabrat once sounded like Snoop Dogg&Twista-Foxy Brown sounded like Jay-z or Nas and Lil Kim always sounded like Notorious Big. I wish mindless idiots would stop saying that Biggie has wrote for LIl Kim...he initial only wrote one whole song for her and that was the song called "Queen Bitch" he also did a demo of the song to see how it sounded. Now he did help rearrange some lyrics on her first album but he never actually wrote her stuff...she has written everything she rapped about. On the other hand Foxy Brown never tried to attempt to write shit on her own....she had a gang of ghost-writers...Nas, Jay-z, Smooth da Hustler, Mad skills, Shyne etc. If I'm not mistaken, I think Biggie wrote a 16 for Foxy not sure on that so don't quote me on that. Dabrat always wrote her own stuff....
Комментарий от : roonie jones

roonie jones
Even when Foxy Brown and LIl Kim did get along, they still refused to even do a scene together in this video. there's was never a video or an interview where you seen both kim&Fox together. The only time you seen them together is in rare photoshoots.....therefore, there was always competition amongst the two rappers...Foxy Brown started to emulate Lil Kim whole style and image , therefore the beef begins between the two, not to mention ,fame made these two hated each other.
Комментарий от : roonie jones

Lindsey boogie
Ahhh shit I miss high school !!!
Комментарий от : Lindsey boogie

Racquel Whitous
Love love love love love love love the number 7 gods favorite number meaning completion 7 love on this my favorite my number god favorite number!
Комментарий от : Racquel Whitous

Time Will Tell
Classic Badboy! This is easily one of my favorite tracks of all time; to this day nothing beats it. Shoutout to Foxy, Kim, and Da Brat. They’re three of the best to do it and made huge strides for women in hip-hop 👑✊🏾
Комментарий от : Time Will Tell

Skull Kid
Kinda like a remake of
I wanna be down remix

Комментарий от : Skull Kid

Ware Production
Just Biggies presence standing behind kim is Majestic!
Комментарий от : Ware Production

Lindsey boogie
I love total also
Комментарий от : Lindsey boogie

Lindsey boogie
I love lil Kim and Foxy they have great voices great songs
Комментарий от : Lindsey boogie

In The Beginning Was The Word
I yearn for the 90’s man! Everything was so Perfect, look at this!
Комментарий от : In The Beginning Was The Word

Isaiah Guzman
This is like the old version of Motorsport n not by looks but by the way kim & foxy are in distant screen time like nicki & cardi lol
Комментарий от : Isaiah Guzman

DaRon Johnson
Biggie looked like he did NOT want to be there
Комментарий от : DaRon Johnson

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