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Davy Joyce
Комментарий от : Davy Joyce

Mingwing Ming
Gary Barlow seems a lot angrier than usual..
Комментарий от : Mingwing Ming

Ciaran McCusker
Did the squad there beef or does dougie and simey still hate each other
Комментарий от : Ciaran McCusker

christy ward
face of the one in red horrible looking
Комментарий от : christy ward

Комментарий от : STEVEN JOHNSON

garry gordon
Long story short everyone's a nonce 😂😂
Комментарий от : garry gordon

Joshua Walsh-granger
Just gave your phone code out and address not smart
Комментарий от : Joshua Walsh-granger

Donald Trump
Fucking clones
Комментарий от : Donald Trump

leslie whiting
FUCK ME you lot would talk a glass eye to sleep..........
Комментарий от : leslie whiting

George Anderson
mr Ed named so many names,places and dates he’s nobody to blame for the police getting involved and U have to ask yourself why all the videos well a think it was the only way he could get out of it without losing face and the reason a think he done it is because he’s not daft and WHO goes on U tube and tells everyone that they are going to rob a bank and tell them the time and place
Комментарий от : George Anderson

George Anderson
it’s official dougie (mr Ed)Joyce the new WORLD CHAMPION of talking a good fight and listen to this prick about drug taking a would rather be a junkie than a pedo gypo smelly bastard who shag their sisters and rape their aunts
Комментарий от : George Anderson

George Anderson
listen to this clowns making every excuse under the sun where a come from there’s no rules and good on the guy who sprayed him pity it didn’t blind him he’s 1 ugly bastard and there seems to be a lot of rapping going on with these scummy smelly bastard and a heard there’s a lot of shagging your sisters and aunts BEASTY bastards
Комментарий от : George Anderson

George Anderson
fuck he looks like methadone mick out of still game and he is always calling others grasses FUCKEN biggest grass out is this clown and stop doing the police work for them and STOP grassing methadone mick
Комментарий от : George Anderson

Matthew Wren
Seem like intelligent lads haha
Комментарий от : Matthew Wren

SäsHä 3 #
To boys should just fuckn kiss
Комментарий от : SäsHä 3 #

Mick H
Up the joyce u are them as Joe would say Haha
Комментарий от : Mick H

Could you not have watched the fireworks first.
Комментарий от : roxfoot

Not a single fight in the whole video. Has anyone got a single Dougie Joyce fight video?
Комментарий от : Fiveminded

Cock Sucker
I bet the landlord cant wait to see the back of these fucking degenerates. Complete waste of air the lot of em
Комментарий от : Cock Sucker

Tech9 Auto
Dougies day to wear the coat
Комментарий от : Tech9 Auto

Donald Trump
Pair of brain dead dick heads
Комментарий от : Donald Trump

Mc Boswell
I was wondering who this simple simon was so i looked on here i was supprised to find something about a nursery rhyme where simple simon meets a pieman or something 🤯
Комментарий от : Mc Boswell

fernandez cartel
Im tommy price and he right mush. Snitches get ..........
Комментарий от : fernandez cartel

Lee Jones
Can anybody get back to me please is Dougie Joyce any relation to big Joe Joyce the king of the Travellers
Комментарий от : Lee Jones

Matt Costa
Did dougie know his wife was sucking Muslims cock at this stage fk she’s had some cock
Комментарий от : Matt Costa

Pete Hyland
Gang of dossers 😎😎
Комментарий от : Pete Hyland

They rings and like javelin's take your eyes out lol.....
Комментарий от : B M

Kristian Cooper
Don't understand why dear Doug if given them the time of day x doug let it bide they Will never be in your league x gaver lovers cuz ! Stay safe God bless Joyce rules x
Комментарий от : Kristian Cooper

Jon Ryder
You're on steroids
Комментарий от : Jon Ryder

Saddam Hussain
Oh oh Mcginleys are fukked. You are fukked . Snitches get stitches. Aney biggest snitch ever
Комментарий от : Saddam Hussain

Bilbo Bagins
What a pathetic pair of cunts
Комментарий от : Bilbo Bagins

Nice parka,wonder if he still got "Tickletackle" Mrs,Bastard Hippy.
Комментарий от : pegknife

And THIS is why you stay off Cocaine !!!
Комментарий от : pegknife

Chris Meadows
Sounds quite intelligent if I'm honest...
Комментарий от : Chris Meadows

da mc
What in the name of all the baby gorillas is this Sh1t about??
Комментарий от : da mc

Chris Meadows
Man. Enufs enuff... But these cunts them off.

Комментарий от : Chris Meadows

Chris Meadows
My God.................zzzzzzzzzzzz...what was that...??? Just woke up coz I were that.. BORED...., 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Комментарий от : Chris Meadows

Chris Meadows
In all honesty.. Do yer think any fucker in England is remotely interested...
Комментарий от : Chris Meadows

Chris Meadows
What a waste a film tape
Комментарий от : Chris Meadows

Patrick Collins
He's wife lift him for a bigger dick
Комментарий от : Patrick Collins

Harry Dinan
Man would eat a carrot threw a letterbox
Комментарий от : Harry Dinan

Drew M
I think we should start a go fund me to buy young Martin a jacket that boy worries me is going to catch a terrible cold
Комментарий от : Drew M

David C
The Fury's are the number 1 Gypsy Family
Комментарий от : David C

Why's he got a fererro roch'e on his finger ?
Комментарий от : pegknife

Look at the GREASE on the phone ,dirty rotten greasy Knackers.
Комментарий от : pegknife

Coke heads
Комментарий от : pegknife

Mr Johno79
Weres the dvd fight today dougie any links ??
Комментарий от : Mr Johno79

Fucking pack of soap dodgers
Комментарий от : scarred10

MMA Boxing
What a crank dougie is y does he sound like a traveler when Johnny try his hardest to sound like a traveler they are fake as fuk man
Комментарий от : MMA Boxing

Rob Sharp
Listen MickPaddyCowboysmudder! Ya mudders farders sisters brudders uncle is ya brudders aunties farders mudders cousins sisters mudders farders cousin!
Комментарий от : Rob Sharp

Scottish king
Комментарий от : Scottish king

Jon Paul
Holy show
Комментарий от : Jon Paul

Richard Smith
His wife in back getting gang banged
Комментарий от : Richard Smith

guitar stuff miller
When is the police gonna go on a site with tax paying records and ask where the Mercedes came from ? The tax paying public feed your children . Real men ?
Комментарий от : guitar stuff miller

guitar stuff miller
I’m not a grass I’m not a grass, now read this court report and look at this video evidence 😂
Комментарий от : guitar stuff miller

guitar stuff miller
The only fight in this is the constant battle of who gets the brain today
Комментарий от : guitar stuff miller

After repeating were coming tomorra 100x They didnt turn up the day day after 😂
Комментарий от : nwo

Padraig Devlin
Soft as shite
Комментарий от : Padraig Devlin

Brendan McDonagh
Got to be the biggest coward in the country big shit house ain't worth a shilling go suck joe joyce hole load of poofs
Комментарий от : Brendan McDonagh

Billy Black
You can tell its that prick afterbirth Dougie Joyce with the hood on as you can see his false horse teeth hahahahahaha bowsie.
Комментарий от : Billy Black

patrick mara
Two absolute idiots fucking first class clowns haha
Комментарий от : patrick mara

Dave Hazeldene
I remember my 1st drink 👍🏻
Комментарий от : Dave Hazeldene

Lion Heart
Up the joyce
Комментарий от : Lion Heart

Ross Price
While he was making the video his wife was gettin ploughed by a big bbc
Комментарий от : Ross Price

Real bad boys move in silence with violence, not come on YouTube showing plod what they're up to
Комментарий от : Stewart

Stuart Hutchinson
Комментарий от : Stuart Hutchinson

Control Oz
I got bored. Is there a fight on this?
Комментарий от : Control Oz

Do any of the families ever get along always seem to be fighting
Комментарий от : indiana146

David Price
Комментарий от : David Price

Antony Kennedy
Did these never get it on? Forgot bout?? Pals??
Комментарий от : Antony Kennedy

Rob Carr
I thought Tom cruise would have played Dougie in this movie and Jim Carey could have played simple small cock simie mcgingly lol
Комментарий от : Rob Carr

Lee Ford
Top man
Комментарий от : Lee Ford

rhinoskin extraboss
How old is this footage
Комментарий от : rhinoskin extraboss

😳😳😳. What’s with the teeth? Looks like he borrowed them from an old horse. He could eat an apple..... through a letterbox. 😐
Комментарий от : NubbyTV101

john morgan
Nice brass ring
Комментарий от : john morgan

bobby firmino
And still not one of ye will do a day in jail, yer terrified of prison, ya get your wig-split thats why..!
Комментарий от : bobby firmino

Georgie Cottrell
Are lord Jesus proper missfitt dinlo geddd up you big din you Irish want be gypsys ur just Irish foggy that want be gypsy gedddd up mongralls
Комментарий от : Georgie Cottrell

Big Balls 2018
Ah simple and Trevor are a Fucken show
Комментарий от : Big Balls 2018

Richard M
Dougie does the talkin & Johnny does the scrappin, & before anyone says out - NO i wouldn't say it to his face.
Комментарий от : Richard M

Oliver Verrill
Hot dog Tom show you fair play 😂
Комментарий от : Oliver Verrill

Robert Holme
What the fuck was all that about. Shouting and screaming for over a hour. And no action. Come on lads just put the fight up
Комментарий от : Robert Holme

manchester joyces are country men fucking dossers
Комментарий от : WILLIE FURY

What's happening with the Simey Docherty fight? Been waiting a while on that one.
Комментарий от : Tommo

Wol Tee
Was there a single fight in the whole movie?
Комментарий от : Wol Tee

Albert Steptoe
Is his Mrs still getting pumped from the ethnic minority .Or has she already she left the horse mouth sausage .
Комментарий от : Albert Steptoe

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